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Megan Spiderman here. Don't let stupid things bother you. Also, I love answering questions

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I’m in love with this quote
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"That seemed a tad unnecessary."

  ❝…..I, uh…..guess yer right. I-I-I mean, it was only a kitten! It’s not like it truly could’ve hurt me! B-but ya never can be too sure, though!

Don’t ever compliment me by insulting other women. That’s not a compliment, it’s a competition none of us agreed to.
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We’ve Got Your Back(side) - Introducing #NastyGalDenim
Nasty Gal Made Some Good Ass Jeans! 
Stop everything! Nasty Gal has just launched their first ever denim collection. Major, right?! And as you would expect, it’s pretty damn awesome.
The vintage-inspired Nasty Gal Denim Collection in custom washes and perfect fits is our new holy grail of denim. From the ultimate mom jeans (called ‘The MILF’, naturally) to the perfect pair of ‘ex-boyfriend’ jeans,  they’ve got all your favorite shapes with that signature Nasty Gal twist. Think good ass jeans for bad ass babes. Grab your perfect pair and see how to style them with our 4 outfit picks below - believe us, your butt will thank you for it!
Look #1: The MILF
Nasty Gal Denim - The MILF

Made In Hell-A Baewatch Crop Top

Shoe Cult Hillary Sandals

Look #2: The Bell Bottom
Nasty Gal Denim - The Bell

Bud of Roses Top

Shoe Cult Peep Show Heel

Look #3: The Ex Boyfriend
Nasty Gal Denim - The Ex-Boyfriend 

Shoe Cult On the Hunt Flat

Curl Up Necklace

Look #4: The High-Waisted Skinny
Nasty Gal Denim - The Kink in Le Freak 

Amelia Handpiece

Shoe Cult City Slicker Heel

Which styles will you be stocking up on? Click here to see where to get ‘em!
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Lunsh #mmm #BOMB
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mtv: Hi lads.
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You never know how sick you are until you try to recover.
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